0 X í S T 2013

Left: Jani & Juhani at PRKL Club, Helsinki - Finland. Photos by Jarmo Noitatohtori Torvinen

Right: Mikael & Sameli at Marktwirtschaft, Halle, Germany. Photos by Full Force Metal & More.

05.01.2014 Show in Sweden, free downloads & preparing the 2nd album.

0 X í S T will be playing live in Stockholm on 1st of February. The gig is at Rocks Bar with local doomsters MORITO ERGO SUM.

Until the Swedish gig, our whole digital discography is available for free / pay what you will downloading at official 0 X í S T Bandcamp page.

We have also started to rehearse for our 2nd album. It will include approximately six tracks of slow and heavy Dark Metal. More will be announced as soon as we are ready for it.

16.09.2014 Second album recorded. Line-up change.

We have completed recording our second full-length album.

Since then, Sameli Köykkä has decided to leave 0 X í S T and the original bass player Ossi Leino has rejoined the band.

09.10.2014 Live shows in Lithuania & Latvia

0 X í S T will return to Lithuania and play their first live show in Latvia in December.

05.12.2014 Underground Pub, Kaunas - Lithuania

06.12.2014 Depo, Riga - Latvia

02.12.2014 0 X í S T II ONE EON: album title and a teaser published

0 X i S T has announced that their second album will be titled as “One Eon”. A five minute album teaser has been published on 0xíst’s YouTube channel.

One Eon will feature six works of slow and heavy Dark Metal:

  1. 1.In the Hood of the Clan of Tombs

  2. 2.Enshrine

  3. 3.Conclusion

  4. 4.Instincts of a Serpent

  5. 5.Leaving no Prospect for a New Dawn

  6. 6.No Life to Bother

One Eon cover art was made by Hungarian artist Péter Takács. The album was recorded at D-Studio and partly recorded & mixed at 0xíst’s private studio.

Release date of the album will be set for early 2015.

05.01.2015 Album release date, full song published & pre-ordering launched

One Eon will be published as CD and digital release on 4th of February 2015. Limited edition picture vinyl print will follow in March. As of now, the band is offering full song sample of the track Enshrine for streaming on their YouTube channel and Bandcamp page.

CD and digital version are available for pre-ordering at 0 X í S T Bandcamp or here. Picture vinyl pre-ordering and release dates will be announced later.

11.01.2015 0 X í S T 2015

04.02.2015 0 X í S T One Eon has been released.

0 X í S T One Eon was released today. It has been made available in:

0 X í S T BandCamp  (CD, digital download & streaming)

Levykauppa ÄX | Recordshop X (CD)

iTunes (digital download)

Spotify (Digital Download & streaming)

As you might have noticed, we released the album entirely on our own via Death Shrine Offerings. We are adding also some distributed items to our mail order, so have a look. More items are on their way. Meanwhile watch for 0xist One Eon news at various UG doom dealing distros over the globe, incase if you don't feel like ordering directly from us.

Picture vinyl test prints were approved by us earlier this week, so you can expect the real thing to arrive in March 2015.

27.02.2015 0 X í S T One Eon picture vinyl edition released.

One Eon picture vinyl edition has been released. It includes 12” 180g record in PVC bag, One Eon poster & lyric / album info insert and download codes to the digital version. It is hand numbered and limited edition to 100 copies.  The price is 20€ + postage. You can order it by sending e-mail to the band or Death Shrine Offerings e-mail addresses, or via 0 X í S T bandcamp.

30.03.2015 European tourdates announced

0 X í S T will be performing some Central European tour dates in May. This will mark our first visits to Romania & Slovakia, as well as our return to Poland & Germany.

22.05. Mjazzga, Elblag, Poland (with TRAUMA)

23.05. Szuflada, Wodzisław Śląski, Poland (with GALLILEOUS)

26.05. Club Flex, Arad, Romania

27.05. Fabrica, Bucharest, Romania (with VOID FORGER & FJORD)

29.05. Rock Klub Tartaros, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

30.05. Skullcrusher, Dresden, Germany (with GORLEBEN)

More details at our live shows section or at Facebook tour event page.

19.02.2016 0 X í S T 2008 - 2016

Finnish slow and heavy Dark Metal band 0 X í S T has ended their activities. The band released two albums, one CDEP, made two European tours and played live in 12 different European countries.

As last act of their existence, the band has made their whole discography available via iTunes, Spotify and few other digital distribution services. CDs, vinyl, digital & T-shirts are still available from 0xist Bandcamp.

0 X í S T performed metal that is slow, heavy, menacing and stands truthfully for what it is being described to be - Dark Metal.


Andy Koski-Semmens has decided to leave his drummer position in 0 X í S T. The new drummer for 0 X í S T is Mikael Ahlstén. This line-up change will have no influence on the fact that we are going to start to record our debut album in late January 2011.

There's no drama involved. Andy will remain a close friend to 0 X í S T and will be helping us in a way or another in the future.

01.11.2010 Line-up change: New Drummer

03.10.2010 A new track uploaded and a new demo CDr released

We have recorded a new demo that includes two new 0 X í S T tracks: Old World Vanished & ...of Wood, Stone and Bone. Old World Vanished has also been added to our myspace player.

The demo-CDr is limited to 100 copies. If you are interested in having one, it can be ordered for 3€+postage by sending us a myspace message, or by e-mailing us at 0xist.band(at)gmail.com.

The purpose of this demo is to prepare our debut album release, which we're aiming to record in early 2011.

27.04.2010 Ostra Records Doomsletter, May 2010


It’s been a long time since I sent news to everyone; you might have thought Ostra Records was resting, but that was not the case. Truth be told, it’s been a while since I was impressed by new bands, so while waiting for the upcoming works of Ataraxie, Mournful Congregation and Funeralium, I merely sat and listened to some records (quite surprisingly enough, things like Ataraxie, Mournful Congregation, Griftegård, Trouble…)

And one day, I received a promo CD-r from a young Finnish band playing Dark Metal, which left me flabbergasted. It was actually the first time I was surprised to this point… and that is why I am extremely proud to introduce 0XIST.

OSR 012 - 0XIST – Unveiling the Shadow World – MCD

Established in 2008 in Finland, 0XíST displays a truly soulful Dark Metal directly inspired by the origins, that is: a precise and great blend of old Death Metal, Black Metal and Doom Metal. With names such as Bethlehem, Deinonychus, (old) Samael, Celtic Frost, Ajattara etc… you know what to expect:

"Huge, unforgiving riffage, like 130-kilos jarheads crushing your toes without apologizing" Jean from In Extremis

"With a typical Finnish craft, 0XíST churns out morbid melodies, through contrasting mid-tempo rhythmic and gloomy arpeggios (final track is a killer in that respect), and vocals reminiscent of Vorph (“Blood Ritual” era) for the barren and yelled aspects." Yann from Guts of Darkness

"0XíST unearths the formula which made “Dark Metal” the most magical album of 1994" Laurent from Cryptic Madness

"Like a digested Celtic Frost - Monotheist" Fred of Ataraxie

You got it: it’s HEAVY, SLOW and DARK, but not only. The actual asset of “Unveiling the Shadow World” (clocking at a mere 23 minutes) is its “life-length”, its replay value. That’s what surprised me at first: this ability to listen to it, and listen to it again, always finding new aspects making the listening experience richer, and allowing news angles to be discovered.

This new release is available right now and you can listen a full track on :



Jean-yves / Ostra Rec.’s team


Ostra Records



0XIST - Unveiling the Shadow World - MCD

Released Soon :

Bethlehem - TBA - 10" G-MLP

Funeralium - TBA - 12" G-DLP

0 X í S T track Gazing into the Void is featured on online compilation by Doom Metal Front Zine. The mp3 compilation is downloadable along with their issue #6. Click here to download the magazine and the compilation. The compilation focuses enterily on doomy bands coming out of the the nordic countries.

13.06.2011 A track featured on Doom Metal Front compilation

Demo 2010 including demo versions of the tracks Old World Vanished and ...of Wood, Stone and Bone is now sold out. Both of the tracks will appear as re-recorded versions on our debut album.

09.02.2011 Demo 2010 sold out

17.06.2011 Finnish tour with PANTHEIST (UK)

0 X í S T will be joining forces with UK based progressive doom metal band PANTHEIST for a four date Finnish tour in October.

Wed 26.10. Lepakkomies, Helsinki w/ TYRANNY

Thu 27.10. Vastavirta-klubi, Tampere w/ GHOST VOYAGE

Fri 28.10. Rentukka, Jyväskylä w/ TRAUMA FIELD

Sat 29.10. Bar Papillon, Riihimäki w/ TYRANNY

20.10.2011 ”Nil” album teaser online

A teaser of the 0 X í S T debut album ”Nil” is now online. You can listen to it at the 0xíst  myspace, 0 X í S T YouTube channel or at the 0 X í S T mikseri.net page. It features 50 second samples of the tracks which will be included on the album.

The release date of the album is still yet to be announced.

07.11.2011 ”Of Wood, Stone and Bone” live video

We were fortunate enough to have the Filmokratik Productions crew to pay us a visit at the last show of the Pantheist tour. Here’s the result - Of Wood, Stone and Bone filmed at Bar Papillon, Riihimäki 29.10.2011.

30.01.2012 Live show: Saturday 3.3. Lucky Monkeys, Lappeenranta, Finland

0 X í S T will be performing live in Lappeenranta on 3rd of March 2012. The venue is Lucky Monkeys and the other bands on stage are Trauma Field and Bailout.

24.02.2012 Live show: Friday 9.3. Metal Over Nurmijärvi, Pub Legenda, Nurmijärvi

Metal Over Nurmijärvi at Pub Legenda, Nurmijärvi on  Friday 9.3. On stage 0 X í S T and estonian ambient black/doom metal band THOU SHELL OF DEATH.

01.03.2012 Lappeenranta gig postponed

Unfortunately the show in Lappeenranta on 3.3.2012. will have to be postponed due to illness. A new date will be announced as soon as possible.

15.03.2012 Two Lithuanian shows and one in Helsinki

0 X í S T will be playing their first Lithuanian live dates this Easter. On Friday 6.4. you can see us live at Metro Club in Vilnius and on Saturday 7.4. at Underground Pub in Kaunas. On both nights, we will be sharing the stage with Inquisitor (Lt), Manslaughter (Pl) and local acts.

0 X í ST has also been confirmed to play at Kuritushuone V club event at PRKL Club in Helsinki on 20.4.

29.05.2012 New bass player

While still having to hold the news about the debut album release date, we have an announcement to make: Ossi Leino has decided to leave 0 X í S T and the new bass player is Sameli Köykkä. Sameli has previously played drums with Colosseum, Drown Me Blue and more recently with Saattue.

04.06.2012 Lappeenranta show rescheduled to Friday 26.10.2012

New date for the Lappeenranta show is 26.10.2012. The event will be held at Lucky Monkeys and the other bands on stage are Trauma Field & Bailout.

21.08.2012 Live show: Backroom, Kotka 21.12.2012

Another date with Trauma Field and Bailout has been confirmed - 21.12.2012 Backroom in Kotka.

08.09.2012 Album release details, album cover picture and a full song unveiled

0 X í S T’s debut album ”Nil” has been sent to the print house and it will be released in early October. From now on ”Nil” is available for pre-ordering. Send e-mail to 0xíst.band (at) gmail.com for details. The price is 12€ + postage.

The album will be released as a joined effort by French labels Ostra Records and Cold Void Emanations.

0 X í S T “Nil” track listing:

1. Old World Vanished

2. Nil

3. Cold Dark Matter

4. Arrival

5. Anemone Patens MCCXLIX

6. Of Wood, Stone and Bone

7. Shrivel

The closing song Shrivel is available for streaming at 0xíst’s YouTube account.

“Nil” was recorded and mixed at D-Studio in Klaukkala. The album cover art and the booklet lay-out were designed by French artist YhN.

16.09.2012 Interview: doom-metal.com

0 X í S T band introduction interview has been published at doom-metal.com.

27.09.2012 Merchandise: Zipper hoodies back in stock

We’ve got all zipper hoodie sizes (S-XXL) back in stock. Check out the merchandise section for that. New t-shirts are also being printed. We will reveal the design as soon as the t-shrits arrive. It’ll be a black t-shirt with a write print.

10.10.2012 Merchandise: Nil t-shirts available

The new t-shirt is now available for ordering. It’s a black Fruit & Loom t-shirt with white Nil sigil print on it. The price is 10€ + postage. See merchandise section for instructions to how to make an order.

13.10.2012 Album release delayed by few more weeks...

Due to an error and and miscommunication from the CD factory the release of 0 X í S T ”Nil” CD has been delayed by few more weeks. We are still in hopes that we’ll get the CDs for the record release show in Escape, Riihimäki on November 3rd, but can’t take that for granted.

14.11.2012 Reviews

The first ”Nil” reviews are now getting online. We’ll be adding some of them to the media section as they come. Here’s a direct link to a review by Metal Storm.

24.11.2012 Album release delayed by few more weeks... pt II

We received our album copies earlier this week, only to find out that there is an print error which forces us to send the whole edition to reprint. This will delay the album release to mid December. We apologize the delay, but in the end it is only the quality and achieving the right feeling that matters.

12.12.2012 0 X í S T ”Nil” 12/12/12

The cycle is finally closing. As of today the album is available from both Ostra Records and Cold Void Emanations. We will receive our copies next week and will begin to ship pre-orders and orders immediately after that.  For ordering via the band homepage, check out the merchandise section.

21.01.2013 European tour dates for March and a line-up change

We can now announce our first Central and West European tour dates. The band will hit the road in March 2013 and will be playing at following locations:

15.03. Klub Desdemona, Gdynia, Poland

16.03. Underground Pub, Tychy, Poland

19.03. Thunderbird Lounge 42, Saint Etienne, France

20.03. L’Excalibur, Reims, France

21.03. The Cave, Amsterdam, Holland

22.03. cinePalace, Kortrijk, Belgium

23.03. Marktwirtschaft, Halle (Saale), Germany

We will also have to announce the departure of guitarist Henrik Hajanti, who played with 0xíst from 2009 to the end of 2012.


17.01.2013 Interview published

Recent 0xíst interview published by Behing The Veil Wezine.

31.01.2013 Nil available digitally at bandcamp

We have launched 0 X í S T bandcamp page. Nil is available there for free full album streaming, as digital download and on CD.

10.04.2013 European tour diary online. New guitar player.

Our first European tour is now behind us. A tour diary with some live photos has been posted here.

Juhani Jokisalo, of Apocryphal Voice, joined us for the tour and will be also our second guitarist for the future.

12.09.2013 Interview in French.

New 0 X í S T interview published by vs-webzine.

30.09.2013 3 shows in Finland with Gallileous (Pol).

We will be playing 3 shows in southern Finland with the polish band Gallileous.

10.10. Vastavirta-klubi, Tampere w/ Ghost Voyage

11.10. Papillon, Riihimäki

12.10. PRKL Club, Helsinki w/ Saattue

16.10.2013 Show in Joensuu

0 X í S T will play live in Joensuu on this weeks saturday. We will be sharing the stage with Serpenthia.